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I have posted the Hatz Project that is for sale. Asking 9,500 or make a reasonable offer.

Here is the info from the owner:

Built off plans #206 this beautifully built Hatz first flew in Georgia before moving to Michigan.

After a ground collision that ruined the left wings, an expert welder started the restoration.

The airplane is currently on its gear, fuselage, struts, and tailfeathers primed. Control and trim cables run. Throttles installed. Seats installed. Cockpit sheet metal complete to firewall. Fuel tank complete.

Center section needs minor repair. Upper right wing is complete, lower right has a cracked spar.

Tail ready to cover (one horizontal is covered with Cecinite and ready to tape) one elevator has managed to walk away with someone who obviously needed one.

Included in this project : all of the aforementioned plus full set of ribs, full set of spars, most wing hardware, all but two flying wires.

Engine mount for a Lycoming O320, header tank (installed), tailwheel, brake cylinders, floorboards (installed), nosebowl, most drag wires, seat belts.

What you need to finish: wing tip bows, some wing hardware, fuel lines, instruments, fabric, and the typical finishing bits and details.

This is an excellent Hatz that I hate to let go, but it’s time to retire from the building business and enjoy pure flying.